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A Timeshare Contract Expert will analyze your Timeshare contract(s), thoroughly; and will show you how to free

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We have THREE different types of consultations that you may choose from.  How would you like YOUR


SEMINAR:  Southwest Deed and Title (SWDT) travels coast-to-coast to present at weekly seminars. This option is nice because you will be in a group surrounded by other timeshare owners you can relate to.  A podium speaker will do a complete presentation on the history of timeshare and how the business has evolved through the years; showing articles, laws, and calculations.  We will pull the curtain back for you so will have total transparency into this hidden timeshare world.  The seminar lasts 45 minutes.

HOME VISIT:  We know not everyone can travel, and, we DO try to help everyone; therefore, in that endeavor we will travel to YOUR HOME or meet you at your choice of destination, like a restaurant or another business.  The home visit lasts 45 minutes.

WEBINAR:   A webinar is a live, virtual event that is executed online. It is an educational and instructive session that includes audio and visual communication between a speaker and attendees. It can be done in the comfort of your own home on your PC or a cell phone.  It only lasts 22 minutes.  

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